Whatsapp is one of the most simple and useful applications, developed recently. If you want to chat with a friend, send message to a colleague or just ask your mother how she is doing – whatsapp is the best way to do this. Try download whatsapp for mobile, pc and take advantages of this clear app. You will definitely like its easy and intuitive interface. For connecting a person it’s enough just to choose one from your contact list as whatsapp has an access to your phonebook, or add new contact to your contact list. After that you will be able to send messages and photos to a chosen contact. You can also create groups or broadcast lists to message multiple people at once. It is very comfortable for discussion of a project with your colleagues or just arranging your Friday evening with the friends.

Another very nice option in whatsapp is setting the userpics. You can choose a nice picture for your profile together with a short moto that will present you to other people using whatsaap. You can also choose image for a group, that will add further personalization to your group chat.

Today in time of visual dominance it’s very important to have an opportunity to send pictures and photos to your friends. So that you could share the experience of the moment. Whatsapp messenger download for Xiaomi Mi 3 and enclose images from your gallery or send immediately the photos you have just taken. Not to drown in the sea of messages there is also an option to mark some messages as favourite. In that case they will get a special status and will be reachable at one click. It would be enough just to choose in settings a yellow favorite star to see them all.

Generally speaking whatsapp allows huge potential for communication. Ease, clear-to-use, nice and convenient, this app will quickly become one of your favorite. Probably you will want to share it with your friends as it is more interesting the more people use it. Try to download whatsapp for mobile, pc jar file and you will be surprised how many people all over the world use it. One of the best apps for talking ever created

Whatsapp messenger download for Xiaomi Mi 3

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